“Wear Without Care..”

Recently, I’ve spent some time with Guido discussing his notion of ‘wear without care..’

For me, it also extends to why there’s an inherent pleasure in sharing images such as these. When not fretted over, quality fabrics - whether linen or denim, wool or leather -  through their resilience tell the viewer a story. They chronicle the wearer - where they’ve been, what they did and how they lead their life. 

We enjoy these images, because as humans, we enjoy sharing stories. 

I like to wear my clothes til’ they die, mending holes and worn-out stitches wherever possible. It is not a mindset that many subscribe to, instead opting to purchase a new sportcoat or pair of jeans the moment they begin showing considerable signs of wear, or when the season’s fluctuations hint that there is a “new” style, a better fashion than what was on offer last year. To me, there are no seasons, just the liveliness of ‘wearing without care’. There’s a sense that the garment belongs to someone, rather than the other way around.

And that’s the way it should always be..

(Source: thediscoursecircus)